Weak for Teak

Weak for Teak

We're inspired by recycled Teak.

We recently returned from a visit to Northern Thailand where we met with sourcing and manufacturing partners. (Watch this space for more stories about what we learned and who we met!) Along the way, we saw a whole lot of gorgeous Teak. 


Take Ban Sao Nuk for example. At 122 years old and counting, this gracious home was built with a cross between Thai and Burmese architectural styles. It boasts 116 stout Teak pillars as its base along with ample siding, decking, and furniture throughout. This historic treasure operates as a museum in the Northern Thailand city of Lampang, a more industrial and less touristed neighbor of Chang Mai, with charming Teak buildings nestled on just about about every block.  


We admit it, we're Teak freaks and for better and worse, we're not the only ones. Unfortunately, a global demand for Teak has given rise to a black market for illegal harvesting of ancient Teak forests in countries like Myanmar and created incentives for monoculture Teak plantations in previously diverse ecosystems. By reclaiming Teak from post-consumer sources, we deliver the beauty and character while contributing to the preservation of a precious resource.  


We’re proud to carry reclaimed Teak in Portland in the form of furniture, flooring, decking, siding, and other treasures. Our Teak is 100% recycled from post-consumer waste streams in Southeast Asia where hearty Teak often outlasts its original use. Stop by the showroom any time you want to talk Teak.