Tell us your dreams?

Tell us your dreams?


When we opened the doors of TerraMai PDX at the end of last year, we also opened our ears.


We knew that TerraMai’s decades of experience in the reclaimed wood business would serve us well in getting our little retail operation up and running. We were able to bring to the Portland market a large array of reclaimed wood flooring and paneling that has already starred in commercial installations around the country. And we were excited about the selection of readymade reclaimed wood furniture that we brought into our inventory from our partners in Southeast Asia.


But we also knew we wanted to learn from the market. What are people shopping for when they shop for reclaimed wood? And what we heard very clearly is that people want custom products. They want to come in with an idea and their measurements and find something perfect for their home, be it a table, a shelf, an accent wall design, or something else entirely.


People asked us for barn doors, so we put one together using our Lost Coast Redwood paneling and adding an oak wine stave handle. A company in the neighborhood asked us for a giant, rustic conference table so we took down the dimensions and built them one. This week, someone came in looking for a custom mantelpiece on a tight timeline. We were able to deliver the exact dimensions in a beautiful reclaimed Walnut, finished and ready to install in less than 24 hours.


In between these projects, we’ve been bringing in more reclaimed slabs to use for future projects and establishing partnerships with folks like In Front Metal Design to source table bases for yet-to-be creations.


All this is to say our ears are still open. And we’d like to hear your reclaimed wood dreams.