TerraMai PDX:
Reclaimed. Flooring + Furniture from Around the World.

Visit our Southeast Portland showroom for flooring, wall paneling, furniture, live-edged slabs, and other treasures made from reclaimed wood—unmatched in character, authenticity, and beauty.

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The stars of the TerraMai PDX showroom are the woods — Teak, Acacia, Oak, Walnut, Doug Fir, Redwood, and others — all reclaimed, replete with character, and with their own distinctive attributes. We hope you come in and get to know our inventory of furniture, flooring, paneling, slabs, and other treasures.

TerraMai PDX is Portland’s source for responsibly sourced reclaimed wood from around the world. Our parent company, TerraMai of White City, Ore., is the largest commercial supplier for reclaimed wood flooring and finishes in the U.S.

TerraMai PDX brings these products to Portland in a retail setting that builds on that success and experience.

Why reclaimed wood? We like it for its beauty, its story, and its sustainability. Our wood is reclaimed in the following ways.



Wood reclaimed from other uses—old buildings, fencing, tanks, and other sources—carrying with it the wear and character from its past.



Reclaimed from the waste produced by wood processing, including end cuts and scrap material from furniture manufacturing.

Water Reclaimed

Water Reclaimed:

Wood harvested from underwater forests that were flooded decades ago to create reservoirs for water storage and power generation.

Orchard Salvage

Orchard Salvage:

Wood from trees cut down because they are no longer productive in an orchard setting.

Christina Williams
Christina Williams
Ken Westrick
Ken Westrick
Matt Westrick
Matt Westrick

Our parent company, TerraMai, has supplied reclaimed wood to homes, restaurants, corporate offices, universities, and other institutions across the country for more than 25 years.

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